Beach Accessories

I’ve been getting requests for beach accessories. I thought I would highlight hats and sunglasses first.

Left: Ocean Beach, San Diego. Floral cover up, vintage, similar here

My favorite beach hats are straw – they’re timeless and breathable so they’re comfortable on a hot day. My absolute favorite beach hat I own is a striped paper hat (above) that I picked up on vacation one year. It folds down and is easily packable.

Here are a couple of straw hats I love!


I always get a bit overwhelmed when choosing a new pair of sunglasses, there are just too many to choose from!! My favorite go to brand of sunglasses is J Crew (left) – they are affordable and very good quality. I have a couple of pairs that are a few years old and they still look great.

If you are looking for a classic investment pair then my advice would be that you can never go wrong with Ray Bans. I also tend to pick up more “trendy” sunglasses from Anthropologie because their own brand tends to be a reasonable price point and it’s not a big deal if they are out of fashion next year. Here’s a roundup of my current favorites!

Let me know your thoughts or styling questions in the comments below, thanks for reading!

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