Military look

Hi everyone! I have been looking at military style dresses and coats all over Pinterest and I’m obsessed! I know it is not necessarilly the biggest fall trend of the moment but also I do not like to always look exactly like everyone else! So here’s a roundup of some military looks I am hoping to add to my wardrobe.

These harem pants are on major sale! They remind me of something Cate Blanchett would wear
I love the sleeve detail on this shirt jacket. So fun to jazz up jeans or an athleisure look
How cool are these boots?! They have 2 studs on the side, the detailing is so good!
I ordered this, it’s on major sale! I love the side buttons.
I love the gold buttons. Looks great with high waisted jeans.
Anine Bing is such a cool company, and this jacket is on major sale and is just such a statement piece.
My Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn loafers that I wear on repeat everyday have a military vibe and they are also literally the most comfortable pair of shoes that I currently own, they’re more comfortable than my sneakers.
This skirt is only $59 and the coolest embossed antiqued bold buttons and real pockets!
While I do love the military trend, I am not a huge fan of camoflage. These sneakers are a fun subtle take on camo.

The dress is my favorite, what is yours? Please let me know in the comments! xxMelissa

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