Girls just want to have fun – and fashion!

I have 3 daughters ages 6, 9, and 10. They are my greatest joys! As you can imagine since I love fashion they have grown to love fashion too. They love both picking out their own clothes – their favorite store is Target! – or they love when I surprise them with new outfits in their closets. Let’s face it sometimes I have a hard time restraining myself kids fashion nowadays is SO CUTE! Especially girls! If you have boys I am sorry, I have absolutely no experience with that and I can’t help you πŸ™‚

For kids fashion though one thing that I think it’s important to note is there’s absolutely NO need to spend a lot on clothes that your child is going to just quickly going to outgrow, soil with Ketchup (Oxi stain stick is a miracle invention!) , or wear once and it disappears somewhere in their messy room. Some of my favorite clothing stores for children are Target, Zara Kids, Crewcuts, Mini Boden, Old Navy, Tea Collection (for more special occasions or things you know will be passed down to a younger sibling), and it used to be Gymboree and I am SO sad they closed 😦

Also PSA – PLEASE pass on to a friend, relative or a local charity when your children outgrow their clothes. Person-to-Person in Darien, Connecticut is a local favorite charity of mine but Vietnam Veterans is also good and will come right to your door to pick up your donations!

Alright let’s get to the fashion! These are some things I am loving right now for my girls! Also right now JCrew is offering 40% off kids items!

I can’t even deal with how cute this is!
my 9 year old is obsessed with tigers! love the button detail!
same dress but in watermelon print! in case your daughter doesn’t like tigers πŸ™‚
my kids love anything with patches!
crochet on trend for kids too
this is just the cutest print!
Stripes and bows! My two favorite things!
yellow and polka dots? yes!
for all those rainy days we’ve been having!
you KNOW I had to include a jumpsuit πŸ˜‰
neon, tassels, and fruit!!
the tassels and rips are too cute!

And for extra fun accessories!!

fruit prints are always trendy for summer!
JCrew please stop it already you’re going to make me broke! πŸ™‚
I love twist ties, the pattern on these is so cool
flip sequin!
I can’t even handle how cute this is!

What do you think? Would you like to see more posts like this in the future? Let me know in the comments below. Also if you enjoyed this post I would really appreciate it if you would share it, thanks! xx

3 thoughts on “Girls just want to have fun – and fashion!

  1. Very cute i love these!! Especially the prints. My boys on the other hand basically just love comfy clothes and shirts w their fave characters on them😊


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