Summer accessories

An easy way to refresh your existing wardrobe or to make a favorite but old outfit feel new again is to add a few new accessories! It’s also a fun and unique way to really personalize your look.

I am currently obsessed with anything with shells, raffia, coins or tassels. However none of those are “new” – what I am awkwardly trying to say is don’t worry about trends necessarily either, just get whatever feels like “you”. And if you need help picking out something for an event or a specific event I am here to help you, just reach out!

Happy Shopping!

my hair is too fine to wear these but they would look amazing on anyone with thick hair
these are so unique! love how it’s a 3 pack!
pretty way to brighten up any outfit! JCrew knows well how to do earrings
love how delicate these earrings are; a low key way to wear the shell trend
I just love how you can customize these!
pretty ring stack
it’s like a friendship bracelet for grownups 🙂
cool mix of glass and shells
not practical but it’s beautiful for summer parties and it’s currently on sale
beautiful statement earrings, raffia so lightweight
I don’t usually wear necklaces but I love this simple shell one
love this as a beach tote
love this straw tote too
tie around your hair, bag, or neck
adds a pop to any outfit
LOCAL FIND! these are from Kirby & Company and are gorgeous!
LOCAL:! gorgeous rings from Kirby & Company
my hair is too short but I just love this straw bun pin! easy way to make a simple hairstyle pop
cute bucket bag
a simple way to make jeans and a t-shirt pop add a hair scarf

What do you think? Willing to try something new? Let me know in the comments below please!

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