Time to go out! Summer party picks!

I have my husband’s work party to go to in a few weeks (it’s at a yacht club!) so I was already on the hunt for something special to wear and when I did an Instagram poll other people wanted to see some summer party picks too so here we go! Summer party events, especially evening events, I feel can be a little tricky. You want to look formal and “nice”, but it’s also summer and possibly hot and sticky already so you also don’t want to go overkill. I’m hoping that I can help a little and give you a few choices.

I am also happy to help if you already have a particular outfit in mind and just want help picking out a special accessory or two! Message me, I’m excited to help! The only thing I love more than shopping for myself is shopping for others lol πŸ™‚

Here we go! Oh and I’m sorry I know a lot of you don’t like (or are still afraid?) of jumpsuits but I’m telling they are SO cool, SO easy, and SO stylish! Maybe now is the time to give one a try?? πŸ˜‰ Also I am still really into Anthropologie and florals πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Troubadour Jumpsuit

I have posted this jumpsuit before, I just love it so much! It’s the perfect mix of fun and feminine! The back is also gorgeous. This already sold out once and has been restocked in a few sizes, if you want this don’t hesitate! And also if you’re a size XS can I borrow please? πŸ™‚

Kyla Floral Midi Dress

One quick glance and I fell in love with this dress! I love the shade of blue! This is darling and a really good price point too for such a beautiful dress. I actually kind of want this for my party now!

Imelda Ruffled Mini Dress

If you’re not afraid of going short go for this! I love it! You will get noticed for sure πŸ™‚

Glam Fleur floral-print georgette wrap jumpsuit

Another jumpsuit! I warned you! This one is currently 1/2 off! I adore anything yellow. I love the waist tie on this one, it elevates it to a more dressy jumpsuit. This is a great deal!

Garden Print Ruffle Dress

I like the long sleeves (if outside at night) and the ruffles. This is also on major sale!

Heart Jacquard Silk Jumpsuit

So let me preface with this is more than I would normally spend on something BUT I just loved it and I would watch for it to go on sale. What makes Rebecca Taylor so special is her attention to detail. The puffed sleeves and the cinch front are done perfectly and make such an interesting detail. This looks one of a kind and will stand out!

Prairie Rose Crepe Dress

I ADORE anything Kate Spade and I always live for her surprise sales! This is from the sale and it’s an amazing deal! I love the flutter sleeves and rich blue color.

Kamea Fleur Bow Dress

I love the bow detail in front and the pattern. Rebecca Taylor never disappoints!

Paulette Jersey Puff Sleeve Dress

I don’t even know what I would wear this to but I need to wear it to something! The sleeves are just amazing!

Ruffle cuff short sleeved dress

This Ted Baker dress is so stunning it gets two pictures! And it’s on major sale! Ted Baker dresses are always perfection.

The sleeves are just stunning!

Ruffle detail skater dress

This is little black dress perfection. The ruffles make it fun and different but it’s very elegant and ladylike. Another Ted Baker hit and on major sale!

Berry sundae wrap jumpsuit

Always end on a high note! Ted Baker jumpsuit! Adore!

Oh, and I haven’t picked my special outfit yet for my husband’s party! When I do I will post and let you know what I chose πŸ™‚ I will also do separate posts on girls night out outfits. Happy Shopping! xx Melissa

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