Bracelets…and scarves

Bracelets for me are a fun way to add a unique look to any outfit. I mostly wear costume jewelry I really don’t own many “fancy” bracelets 🙂 So I think most of these today will be casual bracelets but if you would like me to do a separate post on more formal jewelry or bracelets let me know.

I love Anthropologie for bracelets. They are trendy and usually at a very reasonable price points. Look for bracelets that say mix and match and it takes all the guesswork out of what looks nice together.

For a bolder look tie a scarf on your wrist too. I love this look from Anthropologie. I will link a few scarves below too.

This is my current stack. It’s a mix of bracelets from Anthropologie. Tassel bracelet in gold and pearl; striped bracelets in black & white, pink, and red; Pasadena bracelet in turquoise; and Peru bracelet in pink.

Here are a few current bracelets that I love!

these are really trending – you can even customize them!

And for fun a few scarves!

Which is your favorite or do you want them all like me? Let me know in the comments below!

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