Black and white

Besides loving green for fall, I am also really into black and white. Actually I have always loved black and white. If you ask me what my favorite color is I always say pink, and then if you ask my 2nd favorite color I say “black and white”. As my husband points out black is not a color lol. Anyway I digress. I am also seeing a lot of black and white pop up on my feed and on shopping sites so I thought I would share some things I currently have my eye on. Enjoy!

Love the polka dots and the collar and sleeve detail!
no way I could ever afford this but let’s dream about it! sooooo unique and beautiful
Not something I would normally wear but I am loving them! I love the contrast of the pearls with the zebra print!
So dreamy *sigh*

Love this for date night or GNO
The sleeves! So gorgeous! Dress down with jeans or up with black pants!
Necessary embellishment!
A small and easy way to incorporate texture and the trend into your existing wardrobe
Dream big!
Regal whimsy is in the description I can’t top that!
Giddy-up! Hop on the western boot trend too while you are at it!
Is it fall yet?! Can’t beat the price!
Chic and $10 done!

What do you think? Are you a fan of black and white? Do you have some pieces that you already own that fit the trend? Let me know in the comments! xxMelissa

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